• Regulasi Bagasi

Baggage Regulations

To ensure flight safety and security, passanger must obey some crucial flight safety regulation  such as :

  • Do not carry a sharp or a blunt object which could harm other passangers into the aircraft, those prohibited objects must be reported to the security officer and must be kept inside the checked baggage.
  • Do not allowed to bring any object  containing gaseous substance, which are capable of causing serious hazard in particular atmospheric pressure.
  • Any liquid substancial over than 100 ml are prohibited to carry into the aircraft’s cabin, it needs to be stored inside the checked baggage, except for baby meals or any special medicines that need to be taken before  fllight.

    Every checked-baggage should be pack in a good condition according to the airlines regulation.

    Always check and make sure about the  airlines maximum limitation regarding to your excess baggage before flying to a domestic or international route.

General Tips

  • keep your precious goods inside a hand carry bag to put in the cabin.
  • Make sure your checked-baggage sealed and locked perfectly.
  • Please ensure to put off the old baggage's tag which still attatched on your baggage, to avoid mistake when baggage screening process.
  • Always keep your boarding pass and baggage tag in a save and reachable place for your ease in case if needed.
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